Couleurs et Matières offer you different payment solutions:

paypal Pay-pal Valid worldwide, and for the security of your payments we make available to you, the payment system PAYPAL, a secure and encrypted payment method. With this system, your payment by card, credit card is made directly on the secure and encrypted server of Paypal. At no time will your card number be communicated. Paypal offers you the possibility to pay by CB, Visa, Mastercad, American Express and by credit card (Aurore, cofinogo, 4 Stars).

bank transfert Valid worldwide, the system of payment by transfer, convenient, secure. You transmit the order to your bank, for the payment of your order on our account referenced below. Upon receipt of your payment by our bank (48h to 72h), your order and validated and processed. Do not forget to send your bank the number of your order as payment wording.

Couleurs et Matières - Currency EUR - Bank: CCM MEAUX - IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

BIC (Bank Identifier Code) CMCIFR2A - IBAN: FR7610278064450002044950122

cheque We also offer you the possibility to pay in euros by check your order. To do this print your valid order form (payment by check).

To be written to the order of - »Couleurs et Matières - 1 rue alfred nodet 77130 Montereau Fault Yonne. Upon receipt, your order will be processed after validation of our bank ie 5 working days. Payment by check valid only for France.